What sets Sparkle Worldwide costumes apart from the rest is attention to detail and dedicated design. 

Every Sparkle costume features star-cut ABs (30% brighter than standard cut), overlocked binding and high-quality lycra. 

Each costume is fully lined front and back and if large stones are featured, every single stone is hand sewn. 

Sparkle also uses custom printed fabric in its designs and a range of flesh mesh tones. 

Every costume is packed with care including anti-stick packing, spare crystals and shipped using the world’s fastest global shipping. 

Of course, every single Sparkle costume is unique. No two are ever the same, giving you all the benefits of a custom without the hassle. 

The sparkle process


Sparkle Worldwide

You want a unique, one-of-kind costume that no one else is wearing. You want something that sparkles on stage and is the envy of dressing rooms. 

You don’t want to spend weeks messaging a designer, putting down a deposit and then finding out the costume isn’t quite what you wanted. 

Sparkle Worldwide was created by a dance teacher who was just as frustrated as you. She wanted unique costumes, but she want to spend weeks organising customs, paying deposits and being disappointed with the final result. 

Instead, she began creating costumes with the uniqueness of customs, but with the quality and design of a luxury brand that were available immediately. 

No more waiting and no more worrying that her costumes were going to the same as someone else’s. 

As word-of-mouth grew, the brand expanded beyond Australia and now sells worldwide with customers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. 

Why buy custom, when you can Sparkle now?